Perio Scope

Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love has invested in an innovative and noninvasive instrument referred to as a periodontal endoscope. Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love describes how this instrument is specifically designed for nonsurgical exploration and visualization of the area under the gum tissue involved with periodontitis(the periodontal pocket). It produces an image, on a computer monitor, of the diseased tooth’s root surface, allowing the clinician to identify cracks, perforations, calculus, and other diseases-causing flaws of the tooth’s root surface that are located under the gum.

     Some of the breakthroughs the periodontal endoscope has made in Dr. Kheirkhahi-Love’s everyday practice include:

  • Increased effectiveness of nonsurgical treatment methods and thus a reduction in the amount of surgical therapy required for the treatment of periodontitis.
  • Increased diagnostic accuracy, which leads to an increased appropriateness of prescribed treatment methods.
  • Increased effectiveness of surgical therapies previously limited by visibility problems.

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Periodontal endoscope