Trusted Crown Lengthening

We Specialize in Crown Lengthening Treatment

Do you have a “gummy” smile, a tooth fracture or decay below the gumline, or do not have enough visible tooth exposed to support a dental crown? We may recommend a crown lengthening procedure. As the name suggests, crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue from the tooth crown to restore a better tooth-to-gum ratio and improve the natural symmetry and beauty of your smile, thus “lengthening” the visible portion of your tooth. Used both for aesthetic and functional purposes, crown lengthening also ensures our restorations fit correctly and allows us to access areas of damage or decay that may be hiding below the natural gum line.

As a periodontist, Dr. Ellie Love specializes in services and treatments related to the gums and has two decades of experiences treating patients with aesthetic and functional smile concerns. Using modern techniques and unique approaches to your treatment, she is able to help you achieve a beautiful and functional smile through custom crown lengthening at our Rancho Mirage, CA office.

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Patients who complain of having short teeth are often struggling with a “gummy” smile, where the gum tissue covers too much of the visible tooth crown. This can leave the smile appearing short or not complete. Aesthetic crown lengthening reshapes the gum tissue over the tooth crowns to produce a harmonious tooth-gum ratio and smile symmetry as a whole.


Functional Crown Lengthening

Sometimes, if too much gum tissue covers the visible part of a tooth, it can be difficult to restore the tooth if it is fractured, decayed, or needs a dental crown or filling. Exposing the remaining portion of the tooth crown through functional crown lengthening ensures that any restorative procedure is done so in the healthiest and safest way possible.


Balanced Smile, Healthy Smile

The benefits of crown lengthening go beyond an aesthetic fix or adding a dental crown to a tooth. Having a healthy tooth-to-gum ratio can reduce the risk for infection and decay to affect the teeth in the future. Crown lengthening by Dr. Love can also significantly improve the appearance of your smile in just one appointment, helping improve your overall confidence as well as your dental health! If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile or have functional concerns, seeking the care of our experienced periodontist is the ideal choice!

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