Implant-Supported Dentures

A Healthier, More Stable Solution for Missing Teeth

For decades, dentures have been helping patients improve their lives after tooth loss. However, as denture-wearers know, they do come with certain limitations. Dentures do not address one of the main concerns associated with missing teeth—bone loss—and provide very little support and stability when patients bite and chew. While today’s modern dentures are highly aesthetic and life-like, they still do not provide the needed security afforded by natural and healthy teeth. For this reason, we offer implant supported dentures in our Rancho Mirage, CA office! As a periodontist, Dr. Ellie Love is a dental implant expert and uses modern techniques and technology  to ensure your implant supported dentures last for the long-term.

Why Invest in Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are a combination of traditional dentures and dental implants, a hybrid that improves the stability, strength, and function of your smile! Unlike dentures, implant supported dentures provide the opportunity to expand your dietary range and talk, eat, and laugh without fearing your dentures will become loose or fall out. Besides improving your self-confidence and sense of personal wellbeing, implant supported dentures can vastly improve your oral and overall health.


The Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Secure and stable with dental implants
  • Comfortably eat most of the foods you love
  • Promotes healthy jaw bone stimulation
  • No more gum irritation, pastes, or adhesives
  • Feel confident talking, laughing and eating

Seek the Dental Implant Specialists

The confidence boost and improved health characteristic of implant supported dentures first comes from the skill of the doctor placing the dental implants. Dr. Love has two decades of experience in periodontology and dental implants, combining her years of expertise with advancements in dentistry to provide care that is minimally invasive, effective, and provides long-lasting benefits. With training in the full scope of dental implants, she is fully equipped to provide all procedures related to implant supported dentures, including bone grafting and tooth extractions. With this experience and knowledge in replacing missing teeth, our Rancho Mirage, CA team has the expertise to provide you with implant supported dentures and significantly improve the quality of your life with our custom solutions!

You don’t have to live with the limitations of dentures!