Why Choose a Periodontist?

Specialized Care Is the Best Care

Today, more and more dentists are taking on the services of more specialized doctors, offering everything from periodontal care to full arch dental implant treatment. While some of these dentists attend extensive training and additional education, there is always the possibility that they offer a new treatment or service only after a weekend CE course. This is what sets specialists, like our Rancho Mirage, CA periodontist, Dr. Ellie Love, apart. Whereas dentists take a handful of courses, after completing four years of dental school, Dr. Love devoted an additional three years of advanced education and hands-on training in periodontology and dental implants. As well as having this specialization, she is trained in the full scope of periodontics with two decades of real-world experience diagnosing and treating issues with the gums, placing dental implants, and resolving oral health conditions through modern, minimally invasive techniques.

Why Should You Choose Our Periodontist?

Unrivaled Commitment to Patient Care

Advanced Periodontics Implant Center is fully dedicated to surgical excellence and innovation and optimizing the total patient experience. We take state-of-the-art and conservative approaches whenever possible to optimize the safety and comfort of our patients. Through a dedication to personalized care, we provide specialized services and custom treatment plans, all designed to improve the oral health of each of our unique patients.


Advanced Education, Training, & Teaching

Dr. Ellie Love has three additional years of education and training in periodontology and completed her periodontal residency at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. She is a clinical instructor of the Loma Linda School of Dentistry, Department of Advanced Periodontics and trains future specialists in the field of periodontics. Dr. Love also teaches and mentors at the local non-profit educational endeavor, University Health & Science Center, helping area residents seek new careers in the field of dentistry. She is a member of many prestigious organizations and associations and remains at the forefront of dentistry and periodontics.

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

Our dedication to patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction drives us to invest in the most advanced dental technology dentistry has to offer. We are pleased to provide technologies and techniques that improve treatment precision, minimize pain and discomfort, and accelerate healing and recovery times. We proudly offer LANAP® and LAPIP™ for gum disease and peri-implantitis, and iTero® digital scanning for implant treatment, the perio scope, and platelet-rich fibrin.


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