Digital Smile Design


Visualize Your Dream Smile

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your dream smile? No matter what your oral health needs are (missing teeth, decay or disease, discoloration, cosmetic imperfections) you can get the smile of your dreams—and can visualize it before your treatment even begins!

Digital Smile Design is the revolutionary software that allows us to digitally design your new smile so you can see a virtual representation of what a complete, beautiful smile will look on your face. We use Digital Smile Design for dental implants, full mouth reconstruction (especially with full arch dental implants), and simple porcelain veneers cases. If your current smile is causing you embarrassment or discomfort, seek the care of our Rancho Mirage, CA team! Our periodontist, Dr. Ellie Love, has advanced training and experience in Digital Smile Design and consistently provides care that is personalized, accurate, and effective long-term with this digital software!


Why Our Digital Smile Design Team?


We collaborate openly with your referring dentist to ensure a streamlined process that provides you with the best possible outcomes. We also collaborate with almost 300 dentists in the community, giving you the opportunity to work with someone you connect with and trust.


We have a long-lasting partnership with a state-of-the-art dental laboratory to ensure your restorations are created by experienced ceramists who use the best materials. Our lab is on call to aid us in your treatment process and make sure your care is high quality and convenient.


Dr. Ellie Love has been practicing dentistry since 1998 and is trained in the full scope of periodontics and implant dentistry. Leveraging advanced dental technology [link to advanced tech], she helps patients achieve great oral health through personalized, effective treatment.


Each of our patients are unique and require the expertise of a skilled periodontist who understands the importance of specialized care. Dr. Love and our team design our treatment plans around your unique oral health needs and your smile goals to ensure the best results.


Our Digital Smile Design process is designed for you so you can visualize what your new smile can look like after treatment is complete. We choose to incorporate this into our process to help you feel comfortable and confident moving forward with your custom treatment!


Experience a New Smile—Digitally

Our office is equipped with a studio where we capture photographs and videos of our patients. This helps us when designing your new smile with Digital Smile Design, giving you the full effect of what a smile makeover can accomplish! In fact, by seeing a digital photo of themselves with their new smile, many patients find no hesitation in finally receiving the smile of their dreams. Don’t let a failing smile or missing teeth keep you from enjoying life and feeling confident! Our Digital Smile Design team is here to help you visualize how you will look—and feel—with a beautiful, healthy smiled tailored precisely to your oral health needs and smiles goals.

Visualize your dream smile today!