Reinvent Your Smile

Do you ever wish you could have a healthy, functional, and attractive smile? If you have had failing or missing teeth for some time or have never had a beautiful smile, this may seem almost like an impossible dream. Now imagine for a moment that you do have an attractive and functional smile. Confident, excited, healthy, happy. These are all words patients have used to describe how they feel after receiving full arch dental implants in Rancho Mirage, CA—the revolutionary treatment protocol that allows us to provide you with the smile of your dreams. With full arch dental implants using the TeethXpress® protocol, in just one visit we can reinvent your smile and transition you from a life of self-consciousness, pain, and unhappiness to one filled with confidence, comfort, health, and beauty!

How Does TeethXpress® Work?

Our BioHorizons TeethXpress® technique is a full arch dental implants protocol comprised of a custom prosthesis attached to a series of dental implants. This treatment solution replaces an entire arch of failing or missing teeth in just one day. We choose BioHorizons for their unique Laser-Lok implant, whose strategic design provides better integration of the bone and implant post for long-term success of the implants and a healthier attachment of soft tissue for optimal aesthetics. Compared to other full arch dental implants solutions, our Laser-Lok implants promote a stronger attachment between the implant and hard and soft tissues, which greatly reduces the risk for bone loss and infiltration of bacteria. This establishes a healthy and secure foundation that promotes the long-term function of each implant. Due to this technology and how we place the dental implants in your jaw bone, we can usually avoid a bone grafting  procedure, letting us place the implants and attach a temporary prosthesis all in a single appointment! Even if you need tooth extractions, this procedure can commonly be completed the same day as your surgery. This allows patients like you to immediately experience the life-changing improvements to your confidence and overall quality of life!


The Benefits of Choosing TeethXpress®

  • A full set of new teeth achieved in ONE day
  • Complete return to dental function and health
  • Confidence in a beautiful, complete smile
  • Eat all the tough, chewy foods you love
  • Enjoy the security and comfort of dental implants
  • Never experience loose or slipping dentures
  • Leave pastes and adhesives behind

Specialized Care, Long-Lasting Benefits

The amazing benefits of our full arch dental implants solutions begin with the expertise of our skilled periodontist, Dr. Ellie Love, and our team. Dr. Love is trained in the full scope of periodontology and dental implants and has twenty years of experience performing dental surgical procedures, bone grafting, tooth extractions, and administering sedation. With this specialized training and experience, she is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive implant services and is one of the leading periodontists offering full arch dental implants in the Rancho Mirage, CA area. Dr. Love remains on the forefront of implant dentistry through her membership to many prestigious associations, including the American Academy of Periodontology, as well as teaching and mentoring at the Loma Linda School of Dentistry and the University Health & Science Center. Often putting her own unique spins on trends and new techniques in dentistry, she brings an innovative approach and years of expertise to your full arch dental implants treatment process. If you are living with failing or missing teeth or wear dentures, turn to us for comprehensive dental implant solutions!

Begin your journey to a brand new smile today!