Pin Hole GUM Rejuvenation

When you look in the mirror, have you noticed that your teeth appear longer, and they may be sensitive to temperature changes? Such “toothy” smiles often indicate gum recession (or “shrinking”) and can be brought on by various conditions, including aggressive brushing, tooth grinding, or periodontal disease. There are many different procedures available to help patients restore their gum lines to their original and most healthy positions. The most common of procedures requires a rather involved process of “gum grafting”.  During this root coverage procedure, a section of gum, usually from the roof of your mouth, is “grafted” onto your gum area, restoring it to its natural positioning. The invasiveness of this surgery can have a significant amount of recovery time while also not being the most comfortable or painless treatment, however in some cases this is going to provide us with the best treatment outcome. Depending on the amount and severity of gum recession Dr. Love is proud and thrilled to announce that she is on the cutting edge of gum recession treatment. With the revolutionary and breakthrough Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique, Dr. Love is able to help his patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles immediately with little to no discomfort or pain!

Patented by the acclaimed Dr. John Chao, The Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique uses a 0.1 inch “pinhole” opening to move a patient’s gumline to its healthy, natural positioning. This revolutionary, new procedure eliminates the problem of some cases of receding gums, a condition that affects 50 percent of the population to some degree, replacing traditional gum grafting, this revolutionary, patented technique moves the gum tissues, without incisions, without stitches and is virtually pain-free. Plus, there’s no downtime.

Dr. Love personally studied exclusively under Dr. Chao’s guidance and combined with her 20 years of experience in gum grafting was the first doctor in Coachella Valley who is licensed and has the most experience in performing this groundbreaking treatment for gum recession. Don’t continue to suffer with the discomfort of sensitive teeth or be afraid to smile!  Prospective patients are invited to call our office at Rancho Mirage Office Phone Number 760-836-1809 for important information and to arrange a consultation appointment!

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BeforePinhole gum rejuvenationAfter pinhole gum rejuvenation after

Before Dr Ellie Love Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation  AfterPinhole gum treatment after

Before dental implant before gum rejuvenation  Afterdental implant after gum rejuvenation treatment